Getting Back to Business

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  • In our newsletter, we sent out a sample 6-week plan to drive business over the next 6 weeks. We've provided those same details below, and have given you a space to edit the text and make it work for your business. Please follow the directions carefully, and be thorough with the text you supply. This includes customizing your property name in the details, adding in promo codes where necessary, and updating all ideas, terms, and conditions to your satisfaction.

    We know these ideas might not work as written for everyone, but our goal is to guide you in the creation of a plan that WILL work. We also know giving away discounted days during what is typically your busiest season isn't ideal, but we're of the mindset that anyone staying with you is better than no one. It's likely that the travel industry will rebound slowly, and we'd like to be there ready and waiting for when it does.

    Let your creative juices flow, and have fun making this work for your property. You can even pitch a new idea beyond what we have here!

    If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to emily at or 360-461-0571.

  • Contact Information:

  • Week 1

    We've provided sample copy below as an example of what you can offer during week 1. You're welcome to use exactly what we've written, or you're welcome to modify it however you see fit to work for your business. The text you supply will be copied and pasted directly into Mailchimp, so please make sure you review before submitting it.
  • Copy this text and paste into the field below if you would like to use our copy. Alternatively, provide edited text into the field below before submitting the form.

    We've missed welcoming guests through our doors, spoiling them with delicious breakfasts in the morning, and sharing in the delights of their travels. It's been hard to be closed for such a long period of time, but it was important to do so. We can't wait to welcome you back to #####, though!

    While you've been gone, we've been hard at work! Here are just a few things we've been up to while we were closed:

    • Trying out new Recipes
    • Renovations Updates/Improvements
    • Updates to the Guest Experience (breakfast in bed, etc).
    • Updates to cleaning protocols

    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be offering a series of specials, all designed to get you back to our incredible Inn. Keep an eye out for these deals, and, most importantly, stay healthy!